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Local Resources for Silicon Valley Dogs

Welcome to our resource center for the beloved dogs of Silicon Valley and their dedicated owners! Whether you're a proud pup parent or considering bringing a furry friend into your life, this page is your ultimate destination for all things canine in our vibrant region. Explore local rescues to find your new four-legged family member, connect with trusted pet care professionals who prioritize your dog's well-being, and discover a wide range of top-notch supplies to keep tails wagging and spirits high. Silicon Valley has a special place in its heart for our canine companions, and we're here to ensure you and your furry friend thrive together in this wonderful community.

Service Providers

Discover a network of compassionate pet care providers in Silicon Valley who prioritize positive reinforcement and force-free methods. From trainers to groomers and pet sitters, our professionals ensure your pets receive loving, nurturing care that promotes their well-being and happiness. Join us in creating a safe, joyful environment for your furry companions.

Local Rescues

Silicon Valley Dogs strongly advocates for adopting rescue dogs. Explore the adoptable dogs in the provided sites before considering purchasing one, as you can often find specific breeds through shelters or rescues. Please note that inclusion on this list is for informational purposes and does not imply endorsement by Silicon Valley Dogs. 

Dogs Parks

Coming Soon!

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