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Ranger: The Silicon Valley Dog Adoptable Dog of the Month

Updated: May 30

A black shepherd mix looking at the camera with a relaxed and happy face.

Ranger's foster mom, Steph of Good Sit, is looking for the perfect forever home for this amazing dog! While Steph loves him dearly, her apartment just isn't the right fit for his active lifestyle.

Here's the scoop on Ranger:

  • Breed: German Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Labrador mix (Embark tested!)

  • Age: 3 years old

  • Weight: 70 lbs

  • House trained: Yes!

  • Crate trained: Yes!

  • Good with other dogs: Yes, ideally, a playful, spayed female pup

A black shepherd mix looking over his shoulder at the camera with a relaxed and happy face.

The Deets on This Dynamic Dude

Ranger is a smart, energetic pup who craves adventure. He'd love a home with a fenced-in yard where he can zoom around and explore. Think runs in the park, hikes in the woods, or even agility training – this guy thrives on mental and physical stimulation. But he isn't non-stop. He plays hard and then sleeps hard. He's a big fan of long afternoon naps and will happily settle in for the night on the couch or his favorite dog bed and start sawing logs.

An Important Note About Ranger

He has very typical GSD and ACD tendencies: he likes predictability, is wary of strangers, vocalizes at anything "weird," and likes to run in circles around his dog friends from time to time. With that also comes a strong love of his human and dog family members.

He's on some medication and supplements to help with his anxiety, and they genuinely make a difference. He's happy, playful, and full of life – not a spaced-out zombie!

A black shepherd mix running on the beach with wreckless abandon.

Steph Wants to Help Ranger Find His Perfect Match

Steph is incredibly proud of Ranger's progress and is dedicated to making his transition to his forever home as smooth as possible. She has a system figured out for him meeting new humans he'll be spending time with — your family will have Steph's support as a trainer and his foster mom for the transition as your new family member — and she's happy to teach this system to you.

Is Ranger Right for You?

Here's what you'll need to be an ideal match for this fantastic dog:

  • House with a fenced yard: This guy needs room to stretch his legs!

  • No young children: Ranger needs a calm, adult-only environment.

  • Experience with positive reinforcement training: Reward-based training is a must!

  • Bonus points: Experience with German Shepherds or Australian Cattle Dogs is a plus!

A black shepherd mix sleeping peacefully on a couch.

Ready to Meet Ranger?

If you think Ranger might be your perfect match, reach out to Steph personally manages Ranger's adoption process.

P.S. Ranger has been searching for his forever home since January 2023, so don't wait – he's ready for his next adventure!

Please help Ranger by sharing this post with your networks. Thank you!


Do you have a Silicon Valley foster dog who needs a little extra help finding their new forever home? Just fill out this form, and I will happily create a blog like this for you and your foster dog!

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